THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

What’s really going on with the global pandemic? From the Editor’s Desk, Michael Matt took a look at some good news regarding the Covid recovery rate in this video which premiered on August 6, 2020. Then, he took us to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where the movers and shakers of the world have been meeting on a regular basis, especially since January 2020, to plan ‘THE GREAT RESET’ at the Davos 2021 Summit in January.

Using multiple video clips, Michael showed how everyone from Soros, to Gates, to Schwab, to Al Gore and the Secretary-General of the United Nations are only too eager to admit that Covid offers them a rare opportunity to reset the world economy, population control, global commerce, climate change regulation, education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to “reorder,” “reimagine” and fundamentally transform every aspect of life as we know it.

Is this the rest of the story behind the Russia hoax, Ukraine, the phony impeachment and all the other deep state attempts to cripple Trump’s efforts to ‘make America great again”?

The folks at Davos want a new world order, and the only thing standing in their way at the moment is US. And if they get their New Normal, nothing will be the same ever again…unless, perhaps, if Donald Trump wins in November.

GREAT RESET Letter from Carlo Maria Vigano to President Trump

The Great Reset

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the US, Arch Bishop Vigano’s open letter to President Trump warns of a ‘Great Reset’ plot to destroy humanity. “It is not surprising that the enemy is angered at being discovered… undisturbed.”
Read his full 4-page letter here:


THE GREAT RESET propaganda by World Economic Forum




Tucker: Power-hungry leaders use pandemic as pretext for more control
Nov. 16, 2020 – 10:41 – ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host accuses America’s hypocritical lawmakers of not following their own coronavirus rules

  Powerful individuals, groups and large global organisations are at the forefront of a plan labeled ‘The Great Reset’ which intends to use the fear generated by the coronavirus to reshape the world and achieve net zero emissions says Australian Sky News host Rowan Dean.

No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the WEF


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