Retired General Confirms Q In Interview

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Alright, okay, so here we’re gonna jump into an article here, retired General Paul Vallely confirms existence of Q, Qanon, in an interview. This is a few days, this comes off the Patriots Soapbox. Retired General Paul E. Vallely’s interview, General Paul Vallely, Major General US retired, was interviewed by show host Mike Filip on AmeriCanuck Radio of Canada, October 14th of 2019. In a wide-ranging interview Filip and Vallely talked about Qanon, Antifa, the Deep State, politics and the biggest threats facing the US.

General Vallely was asked by a listener in Mike’s chatroom, “Who’s the individual calling himself or themselves Q? General Vallely answered the following: “Qanon is information that comes out of a group called ‘The Army of Northern Virginia.’ This is a group of military intelligence specialists, of over 800 people that advises the President. The President does not have a lot of confidence in the CIA or the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) much anymore. So the President relies on real operators, were mostly Special Operations type of people. This is where Q picks up some of his information.

Mike Philippe spoke about 8chan being dropped and relaunched as 8kun, which would be backed up by a military satellite. General Vallely said he didn’t know about that, but that there is a separate Internet being created, one that could not be compromised because it is so high-tech. He said the Chinese are working on the concept as well. Qanon is expected to be posting on 8kun very soon.

General Vallely discussed the five biggest threats facing our country today: 1) Movement toward a socialist state in America 2) Cartels and illegal border-crossers 3) China’s expanding military and continuing support of North Korea 4) Undermining of Europe 5) Education of youth (who lack basic history and science education). Referencing the DOJ Inspector General report rumored to be released Friday (10/18/19) which did not happen, another delay and another Friday just went by, General Vallely expressed concerns about possible Antifa (Anti FA, First Amendment, I like to call them Anti First Amendment) protests breaking out around the country. He said Antifa is very well-funded. General Vallely calls on all Mayors to stand up against the Antifa protests or be arrested for not keeping them out.

Interesting little article I just wanted to read to you guys and get that out there. Retired General Vallely here, what do you guys think? Qanon is an information that comes out of a group called the Army of the Northern Virginia. This is a group of military intelligence specialists of over 800 people who advises the President. Do you not think that the President can rely on his CIA and DIA and FBI and DOJ these last three years? Why not? Leave your comments down below because we know why.

And this is interesting about the satellite-backed, military-style and this is it right here the website is not hosted on the server nor is a website operated by VanwaTech – VanwaTech is purely a remote CDN DDoS mitigation service. Contact with any comments or complaints regarding the website’s contents.

Alright you guys we’re gonna shut this one down again. I just wanted to bring you that article, a quick tidbit of information here from the Patriot Hour. I’m Michael, thanks for joining us on a Sunday evening and have a great start to your work week, if you go back tomorrow, Monday to Friday, the grime. I know a lot of you do that so have a great start to your week and a great final evening to your weekend.

Again, think for yourself and never give up any more of your rights to these idiots. It’s always hard to get back anything you give up for free, for nothing, and the fear of whatever they’re mongering you to think, fear-mongering or war mongering or whatever is, don’t give anything up. Alright we got to stand up and fight for what we know to be ours and can’t give them an inch because when you do they want to take a mile. Okay again, I’m Michael and we’ll see you back on the next Patriot Hour update video coming real soon.

Source: Michael at The Patriot Hour

Source: Mike Filip interview of General Paul Vallely
10/14/2019 Americanuck Radio Interview (beginning at 28:15)

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