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The Calm Before The Storm

The press was invited to President Donald J. Trump’s meeting with military leaders and their spouses at the White House on October 5, 2017 where POTUS said, “Do you guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. Could be the calm before the storm. We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that, and we’re going to have a great evening. Thank you all for coming.”  When reporters asked, “What storm Mr. President?”  President Trump responded, “You’ll find out.”

Q and the Qanon PhenomANON

On October 28th, 2017, an anonymous user named ‘Q’ began posting in the 4chan Internet forum entitled “Calm Before the Storm”. Q claims to be a high-level government insider or group of insiders, with Q clearance (a United States Department of Energy security clearance with access to classified information). Messages or “Q drops” posted by Q consist mainly of short leading questions and bits of intel known as “bread crumbs.” Many Q followers or “Anons” identify themselves as “bakers” since they attempt to assemble the “bread crumbs” into coherent messages or threads called “breads” which bypass the fake-news reporting of George Soros controlled Lamestream Media outlets to keep Patriots fed or informed as President Donald J. Trump works with an alliance of political and military insiders to bring down the Deep State cabal in order to Make America Great Again and then Keep America Great.

This website www.Qanon.video was established to operate as a non-profit “bread store” where “breads” from Master Baker @PrayingMedic are stocked on shelves and then delivered to Patriots throughout the United States of America, and around the world, who are hungry for the TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH, so help me GOD.

To the Main Stream Media, Qanon is a “pro-Trump, alt-right conspiracy theory.” An all-out mainstream media slurry shares this same perspective, regardless of its lack of truth. But to Q followers, Q is essentially what Q purports to be: the voice of political, military and intelligence insiders who are allied against the control of Deep State operatives and their puppet masters and Where We Go One We Go All. #WWG1WGA and #WWG1WGAWorldWide

There is much speculation about who Q is, but the whole PhenomANON of the Q drops is considered part of an Open Source Intelligence Operation that is being run by white hats within the United States Military who utilize The Army of Northern Virginia (a group of 800+ military intelligence specialists) to gather intelligence and advise the President. The Q operation also informs the public in the form of clues and hints in questions and riddles that are posted in Q drops on 8kun (previously 4chan and 8chan) which contain links to unclassified documents, photos and videos on the Internet that average people can use to disseminate a truthful narrative to the public through social media platforms that counters the 4:00am Talking Points of the Mainstream Mockingbird Media’s propagandized false narrative.

There is speculation that the Q operation began as a way for insiders to communicate with each other on various phases of their intelligence operation. However, it has inadvertently become a full-blown drip by drip revelation of truth to a growing community of researchers and supporters who are ready for it and willing to invest their time and energy into making sense of the clues they decode and share online.

Regardless of the initial intentions, it seems now that Q has embraced its role as a purveyor of updates to the public of the progress being made behind the scenes, in recognition of the fact that an informed and engaged public can only help matters in disclosing the truth and defeating the Deep State. In this way, it dovetails nicely with those who believe a mass awakening to the truth is needed in order for us to remove the need, and withdraw our consent, for a controlling authority like the Deep State to operate in the United States of America or exist at all in the world.  SOURCE: Collective-Evolution.com

Who or What is Q?

What is a Q Clearance?

Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential security clearances refer back to the level of National Security Information to which an individual may have access. Because DOE (Department Of Energy) is granting access to Restricted Data and special nuclear material, it uses different terminology. Q access authorization corresponds to the background investigation and administrative determination similar to what is completed by other agencies for a Top Secret National Security Information access clearance. In addition, because RD information is more sensitive than NSI information, access to Secret Restricted Data requires a Q access authorization. Under the reciprocity guidelines, a Q is the equivalent of a Top Secret. The investigation required for a Q is the same as the one required for a Top Secret, and with a Q an individual can be given access to Top Secret National Security Information if his or her duties require it. https://www.energy.gov/ehss/security-policy-guidance-reports/departmental-personnel-security-faqs

DOE (Department Of Energy) and other federal employees and contractor employees hold about 220,000 clearances. DOE employees hold about 4 percent of the total; contractor employees, about 93 percent; and other government agencies and congressional staff, the remaining 3 percent. DOE issues five levels of security clearances: Q Sensitive, Q Nonsensitive, L, Top Secret and Secret. Q Sensitive allows access to Special Nuclear Material (SNM) category 1. An employee with a Q sensitive clearance could have access to nuclear weapons design, manufacture, or use data; disclosure could cause exceptionally grave damage to the nation. Q Nonsensitive allows access to Special Nuclear Material (SNM) category 2. The higher the SNM category, the more readily the material could be converted to a nuclear explosive device. Categories 1 and 2 require special protection, such as armed guards. https://fas.org/sgp/classdoe.htm

Who Knows Q?

Qpost 60 - November 2, 2017Qpost 244 - December 1, 2017Qpost 1788 - August 1, 2018

Coincidence or Qincidence?

Was Donald Trump asked to run for President of the United States by one or several military insiders who were part of the alliance? Yes, and it is clear that President Trump gets much of his confidence and swagger from knowing he is backed by a very powerful alliance that now has control of a majority of the U.S. Military. Therefore, President Trump only needs to continue implementing phases of The Plan, which was designed with military precision, to accomplish the mission of removing members of the Deep State from their seats of power so that, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

President Trump has certainly been advised to refrain from publicly commenting on Q, even to the extent of not directly acknowledging Q’s existence. But for many Qanon researchers, however, President Trump and the White House have been dropping hints, Q-style, that he not only acknowledges the movement but is intimately connected to it as Q+ and Qanon researchers are impatiently waiting for the day when the Press asks POTUS the ‘Q’uestion.

The best way to explore these examples is by looking at Qproofs.com where you will notice pictures, Q drops, time stamps, etc as they relate to posts President Trump or the White House made shortly after the Q drops. The proof of Q’s legitimacy is an undeniable truth. The detailed information the Q drops have yielded is shocking beyond belief and it shows the similarities between Q drops and Trump tweets are not a Coincidence, but a Qincidence.
SOURCE: Collective-Evolution.com

An Introduction to Q


The Q Movement (in a nutshell)

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Is The Mainstream Media Misleading You?

With the all out media blunder of Qanon perspectives pointing to a ‘pro-Trump, alt-right conspiracy, CE Founder Joe Martino steps in to talk about what’s really going on and how the Mainstream Mockingbird Media missed this one so badly and also purposefully misled people.

What Qanon Actually Is. Mainstream Media is Clueless

With the recent all out media blunder of Qanon perspectives pointing to a 'pro-Trump, alt-right conspiracy, we step in to talk about what's really going on and how the mainstream media missed this one so badly.Read More: https://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/08/10/who-is-q-qanon-the-truth-conscious-media/Follow CE Founder Joe Martino on IG:https://www.instagram.com/joemartino29

Posted by Collective Evolution on Friday, August 10, 2018


U.S. President Donald Trump seemed to back the group when he said on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 that people in the Q Anon movement like him very much and love our country and the group is gaining in popularity.
Here is a video clip: https://youtu.be/v-KrRplQZMI TRUMP: QANON PEOPLE

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Qanon Card Deck

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