Budesonide: Silver Bullet For COVID-19?

In Debbie Georgatos‘ interview of Dr. Richard Bartlett, he explains how he is treating his COVID-19 patients by prescribing an inhaled steroid of the brand-name, Budesonide which is administered using a nebulizer machine. The brand name was originally Pulmicort, but now it’s generic. The treatment is super cheap, it’s only about $200 for the total treatment, if you pay cash. With insurance, many of his patients are not even having to pay for it.

Budesonide is an asthma medicine, it’s a respiratory anti-inflammatory for COVID-19 which is a respiratory inflammatory disease. The treatment is 100% effective and a hundred percent of his patients are alive. He has been treating COVID-19 with this since March, 2020. It takes five minutes to do a breathing treatment. You plug the machine in the wall, you put the medicine which is premixed, pre-measured, from the pharmacy into the little reservoir, you push the on button and you breathe it for five minutes. You don’t even need to have a mask, you can use a little mouth piece that you hold in front of you for five minutes.

In the interview, Dr. Richard Bartlett explained how he came across this treatment…

In March I was working a 48 hour shift in the emergency room and I was distraught, quite honestly. I’m a Christian and so I was praying throughout that 48 hour shift. I’d see patient after patient, I was thinking, God what am I gonna do if someone comes in here with COVID-19 and they’re dying, they’re gonna trust me to do the right thing for them and I don’t have an answer. President Trump mentioned Hydroxychloroquine and then that got shot down immediately. So I was praying.

I laid down for a catnap between patients. I woke up convinced that God had given me a winning strategy, and you know what, a week later I had to try it out on my first two patients, and for every patient it is working. It’s what Japan has stumbled on, and what Taiwan has stumbled on, an inhaled steroid. They’re using a different one than I’m using, but I think the one I’m using is better, inhaled Budesonide with a nebulizer treatment.

I’m also giving an antibiotic that will cover walking pneumonia and other pneumonia. It’s called Clarithromycin and I also give Zinc because that interferes with virus multiplication. But the Silver Bullet is inhaled steroids and the reason I use inhaled instead of IV is because if you give it as a steroid IV, or as a shot in the muscle, that goes total body through the bloodstream, or as pill that goes total body. Every time, you’re turning down the immune system, the ability to fight infection. Every time, you’re dialing down the body’s ability to heal. Inhaled Budesonide is like targeting the source of the inflammation and all the fiery flames of inflammation are put out at the source with the nebulizer. The reason I’m using a nebulizer rather than an inhaler is, if you use an inhaler, 90 percent of the medicine never gets to where you need it.

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Debbie Georgatos’ July 2nd interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas has drawn interest from around the country. There is obviously great interest in effective treatments for those suffering with COVID-19, and in Dr. Bartlett’s explanation of his approach. Debbie has not been able to keep up with viewers’ requests for a copy of the medical paper he referenced in the interview.

So with his permission, Debbie shared in this post two items: (1) Dr. Bartlett’s letter to Texas State Senator Bob Hall explaining in more layman-like language what the treatment is all about; and (2) Dr. Bartlett’s primary paper describing the COVID-19 treatment regimen he has been prescribing.

Here is the summary from the Case Study Report about SARS-CoV-2 and The Case for Empirical Treatment
Authors: Richard P. Bartlett, MD and Alexandria Watkins, DNP

As of June 17, 2020, Google Trends reports that the topics “steroids and coronavirus” have increased +4,750%. This is an outpatient case study that examines two patients in the United States with unique cases that involve oncology and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), also known as COVID-19. This case study aims to reveal the identification process, diagnosis, clinical course, and management of such a distinctive case – including the patient’s prodromal phase and subsequent progression of the disease in an outpatient setting utilizing telemedicine. The goal is to call attention to the success of proactive, early empirical treatment, combining a classic corticosteroid (Budesonide) administered.


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