Donald Trump Interview By Rona Barrett on OCT 6, 1980

In 1980, Hollywood interviewer Rona Barrett talked with Donald Trump and asked him pointedly whether he would ever consider running for president and he tells her… This unaired 4 minute interview excerpt is from a much longer October 6, 1980 interview of 34-year-old Donald Trump.

“We very much appreciate history and this is a fascinating interview considering that when our client Rona Barrett asked him these questions in 1980 he seemed to have no political aspirations, and now here in 2017, he’s days away from becoming President. Rona had not planned on asking him these political questions as she was there to interview him for a TV special on millionaires, but only a few minutes of the 47 minutes filmed ever aired, but nothing concerning politics.” – ReelinInTheYears66

This transcript of Rona Barrett’s 1980 interview of Donald Trump is provided by Washington Post


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