Q – The Plan To Save The World (remastered)

The good people of America, Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, White or of color, young and old, are witnessing the take-back of America from a large number of very powerful criminals who have been destroying society and the world for several decades, maybe longer. This is the greatest story of our time.

You have the choice of either scratching your head in confusion when seeing events unfold, or looking at the information provided by Q to understand the real story. Don’t be a sheep. They want you divided. They have been working to divide us forever. It’s time to wake up and experience true freedom instead of the fake kind we have been living under.

The good guys, with control over the NSA, began the Q intelligence dissemination program to invoke an online grassroots movement that came to be called “The Great Awakening”. It started on underground internet channels, then moved to the mainstream.

Q has been a fun distraction for those who follow world events and desire truth, but it is about to begin a much more important and necessary phase – keeping the public informed when the Deep State war breaks out onto the surface. By this, I mean high-profile arrests.

Yes folks. The criminals I am referring to are famous politicians, actors, singers, CEOs and celebrities. People who have earned our trust, respect and admiration. They have done very bad things that are all fully known and documented, and they will be severely punished.

Those of us who have followed Q since the beginning will be here to help you make sense of the coming events. We are among the first to realize that our petty partisan divisions are just trivial distractions, and we are all enslaved by a hidden enemy.

We realize that the problem was never Capitalism or Socialism, Democrat or Republican, black or white, Muslim or Christian. We know it was just very powerful criminals who had too much power and were crushing us under debt and asinine entertainment.

Fellow slaves. It’s time to buckle your seatbelt, recognize your true enemy, and embrace a new future that we all owe to the brave patriots who risked their lives to achieve this victory against the greatest force of evil the world has ever seen.

Disclaimer: I am not making accusations of guilt towards anyone featured in this video. That is Huber’s job, and if they have done crimes, they will be exposed – if not, they won’t.

SOURCE: Joe M @StormIsUponUs

Posted on March 5, 2019 by anon

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10 Responses to “Q – The Plan To Save The World (remastered)

  • I saw this a few months ago. If you have an open mind this is deep but is you are narrow minded and a lib it will piss you off.

    • That’s true Susan, and it reminds me of a quote by Gloria Steinem, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

  • Nigga, this shit is next level, America declares war on evil! Oh, wait doesn’t evil exists in every state? Well crap, gotta fight ’em all! Gotta catch em’ all! Evil doers. Top kek, top kek indeed. I’m gunna go cry now.

  • Mark Wallenbrock
    4 years ago

    It is hard to know what is going on ,we are all slaves or the 1% it is sad .When I turned 65 I got far less money since the day Trump took over ,I back my President because I was born in America making me Proud ,I am sure I could never understand the intricacies of Government .This seems to say you are either a good person or bad and may become a 4th Dimensuinal or have to be reincarnated as a 3D over and over . Why wont the Government be honest with us .Only total transparency would work if President Trump is so good why is there one problem after another the Cabal?? As a child I lied to get away with childrens things and came to enjoy things gotten honestly much more I hope ,but 22 Alien Races from Reptiles to Nordic looking ,who knows what fantastical hieghts some may be ,I would love to see more from these Aliens the man from Cosmic Disclosure both really had the answer for everything but it didnt happen mwhen I give it a lot of thought and it is hard to say though I hope we have this grand after life Thank You

  • Q is finding truth, and researching i have learnt alot since i watched first Q video post by doing my research and studies

    • Difficult TRUTHS will soon see the light of day and the TRUTH will shock the world! Prepare for The Great Awakening! WWG1WGA

    • How will this video be shared if it takes 10 min to load…geez

      • Sorry Penny, but with YouTube terminating patriot accounts left and right, either everyone is going to alternate platforms like BitChute, and overloading their servers, which is affecting the load times of videos like Joe M’s “Q – The Plan To Save The World” … or … BitChute is experiencing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks which is affecting the load times of videos.

  • Just found this site. Already shared on FB but using codes. Gonna spend time going thru watching them all again.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Its time!

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