Qniversity Episode 10 – It’s All About The Children

Something glorious is about to happen. Children are going to come out of the dark into the light, is what most people are saying. Last week I saw an anon posted something very interesting about a cryptic message that Q dropped long ago. Q said, C before D, and many people thought this meant Comey before Declass. But last week, one anon said we misread everything, we had one job, C before D, Children before Declass. It has always been about The Children. It will be Biblical Q told us. Let my people go, a reference to Moses speaking to Pharaoh telling him to let the slaves go. We’re going into the Promised Land and leaving Egypt. It’s all about the Children, it’s all about the Children they are freeing. The Children first, next Declass, then indictments, trials and judgement of child predators. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.


My name is Professor Douglas Belmore. I have taught English in higher education for three decades in California, Arizona, New Mexico and South Korea. I have always stood by the belief that unrestricted access to universal human truths should form the core of all learning. I believe freedom itself rests upon the preservation and nourishment of young minds, and as a lifelong teacher, I have done everything in my power to protect this fundamental ideal. Recently I was fired from my post for standing up for what’s right. https://youtu.be/KVeDKuHPDK8

For many years, I was growing steadily more disenchanted as I watched a creeping shadow over my profession that appeared to contradict everything I believed in. Eternal truths became open to debate, and eventually no longer accepted. Facts became subjective. Countless young lives were being squandered and destroyed before my eyes as they drank in these distortions of reason.

There was no way this was happening by accident and my soul could not rest until I found who was behind it, and WHY.

I was shocked at what I learned, but not surprised. I discovered the world was in the firm grip of a malevolent global criminal enterprise that had gone undetected because regular people could not comprehend that governments and the media could be infiltrated to that extent. We didn’t believe a criminal gang could be large enough to get away with the heist of an entire world’s economy, or collapse whole nations into a state of starvation, war and death.

But today, unexpectedly, the tide has turned. It appears good elements in the upper power systems of our world have begun an unprecedented cleanup operation to push back the advance of this trans-generational criminal world order, and are in the process of restoring justice and peace to our dying planet.

Over the next few years, humanity will no longer be able to ignore what is being called The Great Awakening. Events will unfold showing a reset from Dark to Light that will include prosecutions of high level government and media personalities from all over the world.

I chose to be on the right side of history, and I was fired for it. They may have taken my livelihood, but they will never stop me from teaching the truth. With help from the intelligence insider known as Q and hundreds of researchers unpicking the Great Awakening as it unfolds, get ready to step inside The Qniversity.

I lost my livelihood trying to tell the truth. I did not choose to be anonymous in speaking out about Q, so I ended up becoming a casualty of the war for our minds and the Globalist agenda to suppress the truth. I am not a profiteer. I’m just a teacher whom nobody will hire all because of my decision to speak out against a hidden establishment that has kept us in a state of bondage for longer than I’ve been alive. At the same time, I refuse to be a victim or a charity case. I am a TEACHER, and I want nothing more than to continue my work in waking people up from their slumber and to put in the sweat to achieve that end. Patriots of the Great Awakening have been so compassionate for my plight, but now it’s my turn to give back and make sure these generous donations are put to work to reverse decades of Globalist programming that had brought humanity to its knees.

SOURCE: Professor Douglas Belmore
Twitter: TheQniversity … YouTube: Qniversity
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Not affiliated with Trump, Q or any intel source other than what is publicly available here:
Q intel drops: https://bit.ly/2QUTFrb
Q proofs: https://bit.ly/2FTZqPC

Posted on April 10, 2020 by anon

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2 Responses to “Qniversity Episode 10 – It’s All About The Children

  • Y’all remember that hot mess with Laura Silsby and the fake orphanage in Haiti? Somehow I know that is tied into all this

    Tim Ballard testified before Congress about the need for a border wall to help with human trafficking https://youtu.be/Go62y25B8Vc

    Tim’s website Operation Underground Railroad details the rescue operations in Haiti and other places like Colombia

    David Lopez was the guest on this episode of Shabbat Night Live. https://youtu.be/3VM-TwP0PNA Watch at the 18 minute mark for footage of the raid on a fake orphanage in Haiti. David has been involved with training local law enforcement to go after these traffickers [WARNING sorta GRAPHIC CONTENT and it made me cry]

    Jim Caviezel played Tim Ballard in Sound of Freedom about the rescue operation in Colombia. You can find the movie on Pureflix. 55 children were rescued from human trafficking in 3 raids in Colombia https://youtu.be/94hChHDLrTo

    Tim Ballard also has a podcast called Slave Stealers – listen with your favorite podcast app, I use Castbox, found it free in the app store

    All I want to know is #whereisgardy

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