RedPill78 with Praying Medic: Healer, Author, Q Researcher

In 2000, Dave Hayes was an ordinary guy. But an encounter with Jesus in the bunk room of a firehouse changed his life. It set him on a journey of faith, healing, miracles and eventually, Qanon. Today Praying Medic is an author, researcher, minister and one of the best known names in the Qanon movement. Join RedPill78 as he and Dave Hayes discuss his journey from Atheist to Believer, from Paramedic to Praying Medic, Faith Healer, Author and Q Researcher. They also discuss his latest book titled, “Calm Before the Storm” as well as future books in his Q Chronicles series.

In this interview, Dave explains how he started healing his patients through prayer from 2009 through 2015. He took his 6-month EMT class in 1981, went to Paramedic school in 1988 and was a Paramedic until 2015 when he started working as a full-time author. He had published 9 books by 2015 (3 in 2013, 3 in 2014, 3 in 2015) and wrote 3 more books in 2016 before Q started posting in 2017.

Then, Praying Medic started devoting his full time (40 to 50 hours a week) to doing Q decodes, Q research, twitter threads and videos. He published his first novel in 2019, published his first Q book, “Calm Before The Storm” in 2020 and he has 4 manuscripts in progress right now. He’s trying to complete volume 2 of the Q Chronicles series by the end of June and volume 3 by the end of the year.

Praying Medic explains there are two types of healing. There is healing that comes from exercising authority and there is healing that comes from releasing power. Yeshua said to his disciples, I give you authority and power over demons and to heal sickness. Generally you use authority when you want something to leave that’s not supposed to be there. And you release power when you want to work a creative miracle.

In 2016, Praying Medic had a dream and God encouraged him to look into the Clinton Foundation and he ran into FBI Anon who was posting on 4Chan in July 2016. That was his introduction to Political Corruption, the Clinton Foundation, Child Trafficking, etc. So he did a deep dive into the Clinton Foundation and related companies for about a month in 2016.

Around the time of the election in 2016, God started speaking to him about getting on Twitter and getting involved in politics and shortly thereafter Q showed up and he started following Q. In December 2017, Q had been posting for about a month and Praying Medic had a dream in early December in which God indicated to him that He wanted him to get involved with Q and he has had probably 150-200 dreams since then regarding various aspects of Q’s operation and a lot of dreams about Trump. He said he is typically an observer, rather than an active participant, in his dreams.

“Calm Before The Storm” is Dave’s first book in his Q Chronicles series in which he plans to cover Q’s operation chronologically from start to finish. Calm Before The Storm covers the main themes that Q discusses in the first two and a half months of the operation including Saudi Arabia, the Obama administration, the Iran deal, the Rothschilds, the Clinton Foundation, Huma Abedin and Harvard University Muslim Alumni, Admiral Rogers, General Flynn, and general information about Game Theory. He also explains Q’s transition from 4Chan to 8Chan to 8Kun.

The title for book 2 in the series will be, “The Great Awakening” and he will pick up in December 2017 and cover topics up to North Korea in March of 2018. He covers information in book 2 about the Rothschilds and Godfather 3 dealing with the Catholic Church, the Vatican Bank and how it has been used as a corrupt tool for money laundering for the mob and many other operations.

The Vatican has been involved in economic and political operations for centuries which included the Vatican signing agreements with Mussolini and Hitler in the 1930’s where the Vatican made a lot of money supporting the fascist regimes of Europe who were fighting communism. A lot of Catholic clergy and priests in eastern Europe were running some of the death camps where genocide was going on.

The Rothschild chapter includes a lot of history of how the Rothschild family came to be, how the five brothers spread out through Europe in Italy, Austria, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. How they developed banks in all these different countries and how they became the bankers to Kings and eventually how they decided which wars were going to be fought in Europe and which wars were not going to be fought, how they ascended to that throne of power.

There will be a chapter on North Korea and how Trump was able to get Kim to come out of hiding and come to a summit to talk about Nuclear disarmament. The Hawaiian false missile alert and the Whidbey Island missile launch are discussed in there. And the stringer Red-Red will be discussed in the second book as well.

A lot of the titles for books in the Q Chronicles series are coming from the signatures of Q. Future volumes may be titled, “Patriots Fight” and “Where We Go One We Go All” and “A Traitor’s Justice” As it stands right now, if Q did not post any more, Dave estimates he would have to write 6 volumes to get caught up to where Q is today. And if Q posts for another year or two, the Q Chronicles series will probably end up being ten volumes.

Praying Medic’s twitter threads are basically the initial drafts of chapters that will appear in future books in the Q Chronicles series. Rather than organize Q’s posts chronologically in his twitter threads, he groups them together topically by subject because he’s trying to tell a story, trying to create a narrative that helps people understand what all Q’s random posts are about.

When writing a new twitter thread, Dave sits down at his computer in a very quiet room and listens for the Holy Spirit to guide him as to which older posts, which drops, which articles are connected to the new posts. As the Holy Spirit leads him, he puts his twitter threads together by dictating whatever the Holy Spirit says. Dave said if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit connecting the dots, pulling things together, making sense of it, he would just be another random person taking Q’s posts and posting them on Twitter. He said his insights about Q and the way it’s all connected is totally the Holy Spirit doing it.

Dave said he found Messiah initially while reading the book, “Left Behind” in his bunk at the fire station during Memorial Day weekend in 2000. He said he was on the busiest med unit in the county, on the busiest weekend of the year, and they didn’t run any calls the whole day for 24 hours.

He got bored, went out to his car to get this book that he brought to work with him that his Lieutenant gave him. He became horribly convicted of his own sin as the Holy Spirit was dragging all the skeletons out of his closet and throwing them out on the floor. Even though he had been an atheist for years, he knew it was God because only God could know his secret sins and bring them out. He was reading a book about God and the tribulation and the rapture and he was going to miss it and it terrified him.

He was a mess after reading it, and after two or three hours of struggling he said, “God, if you’re real, you need to give me something to follow, I can’t do this on my own.” He cried himself to sleep. When he woke up in the morning and went downstairs to the day room where there was a shift change going on, firefighters coming and going and when he met the first person, he heard this really loud internal voice that said, “Be nice to them.” Then he met another person and the voice said, “Be kind.” And he met another person and the voice said, “Be polite.” Yeshua said my sheep hear my voice and they follow me. Dave heard this distinct voice for weeks afterwards and that voice helped him completely change his life.

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In this 2.5 hour zoom session, Dave Hayes shares valuable information & techniques that he uses for Physical Healing & Emotional Healing, which he developed during his time as a Paramedic and a Praying Medic.



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