The Dead Zone Plague Episode – Coronavirus and Chloroquine

In The Dead Zone “Plague” episode, they encountered a mysterious, highly infectious, airborne virus which caused high fever and respiratory distress and it originated in China. Later in the episode, Johnny identified the virus from a vision, but he was told there’s no cure. Then Johnny wrote on the board “CHLOROQUIN” in all caps. He was told it’s an anti-malarial drug and he responds, “No, listen, it suppresses the enzymes!” Johnny passed out and woke up to learn that they started everyone on chloroquine and stopped the virus “dead in its tracks.” Then they added: “Now the CDC would have figured it out eventually, but not in time.”

The Dead Zone is a TV series based on the characters in Stephen’s King’s novel with the same name. The show aired from 2002-2006 on the USA Network. Season 2 Episode 14 of The Dead Zone series titled, “Plague” aired in July 2003 according to IMDb.

IMDb Plot Summary
While at a school science fair, Johnny gets a disturbing vision of a group of children getting extremely ill. Johnny persuades Walt to quarantine the building and eventually the children begin to get sick. Johnny realizes that without his help the children will die, including JJ. With the assistance of Rev. Purdy, Johnny must help Walt and the local health inspector, Jim Pratt, try to identify as well as find the source of the mysterious virus before it kills off the entire town.

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